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Handcrafted by Turkish Artisans

Product Information

Size: 100 x 180 cm
Material: %100 Cotton

Celebrate your relaxed moments with joyous festivities! This towel will bring joy to all your activities, be it a peaceful picnic or a crazy sauna party!

ANKAA towels are highly absorbent and dry astonishingly quickly. When it is folded, it takes very little space in your bag. It is so light and versatile. A good choice for sustainable living; you can use it in every facet of your daily life.

All products can be used as a towel at the beach, bath, sauna, as a scarf in urban life, or even as a baby blanket. It can also be a good decoration for your home.


Our pieces are woven in a small, family-owned workshop using traditional shuttle looms in a village in the Aegean region of Turkey. They are crafted by artisans using traditional methods. Tassels on our towels are hand braid by local women. By purchasing from ANKAA, you contribute to sustaining traditional craft, artisans, and small communities.

Note! Pieces can have small differences and imperfections which make them unique.