Hi There!

I’m Seda Suman Buruk, the founder of ANKAA. In 2018, I have moved to Tampere from Istanbul and found the chance to experience Finnish sauna. As a person who cares about people, nature and cultures, similarities between sauna and hammam cultures inspired me for the idea behind the brand.

The pursuit of the best towels took us to a small village in the Aegean side of Turkey. Since then we collaborate with Turkish artisans to create the most versatile and ethically produced artisan woven towels for you to enjoy.

Our pieces are woven in a small, family-owned workshop using traditional shuttle looms. They are crafted by artisans using traditional methods. Tassels on our towels are hand braid by local women.
By purchasing from ANKAA, you contribute to sustaining traditional craft, artisans and small communities.
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